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20 Sep, 2013
Host Manager version 1.5 with support of iOS7 has been submitted to AppStore, will be available to public shortly.
Host Manager 1.5
There is a known problem in Host Manager backend system on cPanel 11.38+, issue has been resolved and a new version of HostManager has been submitted to Apple Store. It will be available to public after Apple approval.
Host Manager (Web Host Manager or WHM) allows you to connect to your cPanel enabled hosting server and control it. This App designed for both Root and Reseller accounts. As a Root you can do most of the tasks available to root level of WHM. Same applies to Resellers with restrictions applied by root user.

This App requires a Perl module to be installed on your server. If you login with root or a reseller account with root access, it will be done automatically. But if you don't have root access on the server, ask your administrator to install 'cPanel::3rdparty::ModuleInstaller' module from CPAN in WHM or login as root and run this command 'cpan cPanel::3rdparty::ModuleInstaller'.

Read more about Module Installer and HM Backend

●●● NOTE ●●●
This application connects directly to your own hosting server. No proxy or 3rd-party connection or service provider involved. Your login information will be transmitted to your own hosting server. It will not go through us. Find out more at cpios.com

Some features of this application are:

★ App Features
☼ Themes, you can change the colors and background of the App to your taste.
☼ Tap and hold on any text and you will be able to copy it to clipboard or send it to an email address
☼ Protect the entire profiles with a 4 digit pin code.

★ Profiles
☼ You can save access information of multiple servers/accounts and login with just one tap.
☼ Although you will be required to enter your root or reseller password, but it will just be used to get your access hash, then we will use access hash to connect to the server which makes the connection much more secure.
☼ You can define different groups and arrange profiles.
☼ Rearrange profiles
☼ Export profiles as CSV and XML format to any email address as a zip package protected with a password.
☼ Import profiles from a valid URL

★ Manage Accounts
☼ Create new accounts
☼ List, sort and search through accounts.
☼ Change account's domain name
☼ Set a new password for account
☼ Change account's owner
☼ Upgrade/Downgrade accounts
☼ Change cPanel theme
☼ Change Shell access
☼ Disk quota modification
☼ Bandwidth limit modification
☼ Resource limit modification
☼ Terminate account
☼ Bridge to cPanel
☼ Create new accounts

★ Main Packages
☼ Add, edit and delete packages

★ Manage DNS Zones
☼ List and search through DNS zones of the server
☼ Add new zone
☼ Add, Edit and Delete records of a specific zone

★ Manage SSL Certificates
☼ List current hosts with SSL Certificate
☼ View all information regarding a specific installed SSL Certificate
☼ Remove an installed certificate
☼ Generate new CSR
☼ Install new certificates

★ Backups
☼ List all available backups on the server
☼ Restore backups

★ Manager Resellers
☼ List Resellers
☼ Terminate, Remove reseller permissions, suspend/unsuspend reseller
☼ View disk and bandwidth allocations and usages
☼ Manage (set/change) main shared IP address of the reseller
☼ Manage IP address assignments
☼ Manage reseller limits
☼ Manage reseller rights
☼ Manage name servers of a reseller
☼ Manage reseller ACLs.

★ Reports
☼ Disk quota usage report
☼ Bandwidth usage report
☼ System wide bandwidth usage (on selected servers)

★ Other features
☼ General system info
☼ Manage IP addresses
☼ Manage and restart system services
☼ View system processes, root can kill a process
☼ Change server host name
☼ Modify DNS resolvers
☼ Forceful and Graceful system reboot

◄ Feedback ►
If you need a specific feature to be added, please write us a few lines using Feedback form in application or post comment at http://www.cpios.com/whm

cPanel® is a registered trademark of cPanel® Inc. This application has been developed by a third party developer and is not endorsed, tested, associated or affiliated with cPanel® Inc.
What's new in version 1.5
- Optimized for iOS7
TODO: For next release
- An update for compatibility with iOS 7 has been submitted to AppStore, it will be available to public shortly.
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