Branding / White Labeling cPanel® client for iPhone and iPad

Professional Branding of CP Control Panel (cPanel)

Professional Branding is for hosting service providers and resellers who like to have their own cPanel App in App Store with customized startup splash and icon. It will be like a completely custom App designed just for you and your clients.

Professional Branding allows you to change all the following items:

 - App Name
 - Icon
 - Startup Splash screen
 - Description in Apple Store

And remove:
 - Link to other applications

How it works?

When you ordered a branding app and provided required materials (images, texts, etc), an App will be created and submitted to Apple Store for approval. Downloading the App is free for clients, however, they need to enter an access code in order to use the app. Some access codes will be included in base package, extra codes can be purchased separately.

Each access code will be activated on one device, so when a client activated an App on his/her device, that code can not be used on any other device. Therefore you will need one access code for each client. Here are some sample scenarios:

Jane is one of your clients, she has 10 hosting accounts and she wants to control them in her iPhone, she needs one access code to activate the App on her iPhone and then enter all her profiles on the same App.
Tom is another client who has just one hosting account, but he wants to control it from both his iPad and iPhone. He needs 2 access codes to activate one App on his iPhone and another on his iPad.
Richard used an access code to activate an App on his iPhone, unfortunately he just lost his phone and got another one, he will need a new access code for activating the App on his new phone.
Here is how the activation process works:

Required Materials for Branding

  1. Application Name
    This will be the name of your Application which will be shown under the icon of your App in iPhone/iPad. Could be your hosting name or site name. Keep it as short as possible (less that 15 characters), otherwise it might get truncated. Some names are not available or already taken in App Store, therefore please provide 4 names to choose from.
  2. Application Icon
    This is icon of the application, will be shown in both apple store, online on Apple web site and in clients iPhone/iPad when App installed.
    Icon should be in PNG format with no transparent background, we need it in 7 sizes, file names and sizes are:

      File Name Size
    1 Icon.png 57x57
    2 Icon@2x.png 114x114 (HD)
    3 Icon-Small-50.png 50x50
    4 Icon-Small.png 29x29
    5 Icon-Small@2x.png 58x58 (HD)
    6 Icon-72.png 72x72
    7 Icon-512.png 512x512
  3. Application Startup Splash
    This image will be shown at the App startup, also known as Splash. 6 PNG images in different sizes and orientations are required:

      File Name Size Orientation
    1 splash_iphone.png 320x480 Portrait
    2 splash_iphone@2x.png 640x960 Portrait (HD)
    3 splash_iphone_h.png 480x320 Landscape
    4 splash_iphone_h@2x.png 960x640 Landscape (HD)
    5 splash_ipad.png 768x1024 Portrait
    6 splash_ipad_h.png 1024x768 Landscape
  4. Application Description
    Up to 4000 bytes of description to be shown in Apple Store. Required if you want us to add the App in our own Apple Developer Account.
  5. Website Address
    This will be shown in Apple Store. Required if you want us to add the App in our own Apple Developer Account.
  6. General Support Address
    URL of the support or contact address in your site. This will be shown in Apple Store. Required if you want us to add the App in our own Apple Developer Account.


There is a setup fee of US$199 to prepare the App and submit to Apple Store. That's a one time fee and includes all future updates and upgrades. Setup fee also includes 50 access codes (worth $125.00). Additional access codes can be purchased initially or later when it was necessary.
Additional access codes Price Per Access Code
1 to 50 Additional Access Codes US$2.5
51 to 200 Additional Access Codes US$2.0
201 to 500 Additional Access Codes US$1.5
501 to 1000 Additional Access Codes US$1.0
1001 and up US$0.8
If you have an Apple Developer Account (paid version) we will be happy to get a developer access on your account and submit the branded application from there. Otherwise we can use our own developer account to submit the App at no additional charges.

How to order

Please contact for more information and order process.
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